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MRI Scan and Imaging Services in Brooklyn, NY

MRI Scan and Imaging Services in Brooklyn, NY

Our Brooklyn Open MRI clinic embraces the vast and growing potential of Brooklyn MRI brain imaging technology and makes it available to millions of people in the New York City area.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive and game-changing technology. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that MRI has been a thriving industry for decades, with growth rates over 11% early in the century and continuing growth thereafter. As demand for MRI diagnostics increases, patients need to know where they can obtain a professional MRI scan as soon as possible after an accident or illness strikes.

Unlike X-rays, which are harmful and show mainly the structure of bones and teeth, MRI images allow doctors to visualize soft tissues in the body. MRI technology can identify many potentially serious medical conditions, including malformations, cancers, diseases, and injuries of the:

  • Brain
  • Muscles
  • Bones
  • Abdominal organs
  • Heart and blood vessels

Whether you visit Brooklyn Open MRI seeking an MRI for back pain after a car accident, looking for a diagnosis for unexplained headaches, or documenting the extent of your injuries after a workplace accident, our team of professionals has the tools you need to get answers, compensation, and effective treatment.

MRI After a Car Accident

One of the most important reasons to get an MRI is for an assessment of injuries following a traffic accident. The NTSA reported over five million car accidents in 2020. In such situations, a manufacturer or motorist might be liable for the damage. At Brooklyn Open MRI, we work hard to provide documentation that our patients need for insurance and personal injury claims.

The Benefits of an Open MRI in Brooklyn, NY

According to research in StatPearls, 12.5% of the American population is claustrophobic. People who experience claustrophobia should still have access to effective diagnostic treatments, which is why we use open MRI, which leaves the sides of the table open during scanning.

A Better MRI Imaging Center in Brooklyn, NY

At Brooklyn Open MRI, our doctors accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection).

Same-day appointments may be available. Call us today at 718-400-6369 to schedule an appointment for an open MRI in Brooklyn.


How Does MRI Work?

MRI involves directing radio waves toward the head while exposing the head to a strong magnetic field. The radio waves and the magnetic field are not dangerous or painful.

What Is the MRI Experience Like?

The patient lies down on a long table with a large magnet surrounding them. Conventional MRI devices place the scanner in a large tube that the table slides into during the scan.

Sometimes, technicians will inject contrast agents into the bloodstream in order to make important features of the scan stand out against the background.

Is MRI Noisy? 

MRI scans can be noisy, so the technicians typically provide ear protection and sometimes headphones for music before starting the scan. 

Can MRI Measure Blood Flow?

Since MRI can measure the amount of hemoglobin in the tissue it scans, the imaging technique can measure blood flow to muscles and parts of the brain.

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