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Can an MRI Show a Pinched Nerve After a Car Accident?

Can an MRI Show a Pinched Nerve After a Car Accident

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Car accidents caused over 4.8 million injuries in 2020, and a pinched nerve is one of the most common injuries associated with car accidents.

However, pinched nerves present an elusive challenge to many people who struggle with them. Can an MRI show a pinched nerve after a car accident? An MRI after a car accident can help diagnose pinched nerves and other issues. 

What Is an MRI?

The term MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It uses radio waves to form a computerized image of your body’s inner workings. When receiving an MRI scan, you will lay as still as possible.

The MRI machine uses magnetic fields to turn individual water molecules in your body in a specific direction. This allows the machine to generate a series of images. You could liken the images to individual slices in a loaf of bread.

Each slice represents a part of the whole loaf, but doctors can look at each slice individually. Thus, they can more easily pinpoint the source of your pain. 

What Is a Pinched Nerve?

Cleveland Clinic states that 85 out of every 100,000 American adults will suffer from a pinched nerve during their lifetime. Pinched nerves can occur when excess pressure squeezes or compresses spinal nerves, also called spinal stenosis.

Since the head, neck, and spine are vulnerable during the thrashings of a car accident, these areas often sustain more injuries, including pinched nerves. If you have a pinched nerve, you may not feel any pain associated with your neck or back. Instead, it could manifest in your legs or arms. 

Can an MRI Show a Pinched Nerve?

Can an MRI show a pinched nerve? MRIs have a high probability of showing one. However, they may have difficulty showing extremely small problem areas.

An MRI machine’s sensitivity makes it an attractive and often accurate option for quick diagnosis. Once you complete the MRI process, your healthcare provider can review the results and find treatment options to lessen the pain. 

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FAQs About Brooklyn MRI and Pinched Nerves

Do pinched nerves always show up on MRI? 

No, pinched nerves do not always show up on an MRI. However, most doctors prefer MRIs due to their sensitivity and accuracy. 

How do you confirm a pinched nerve?

You confirm a pinched nerve by speaking with your doctor about diagnosis options. They will order an MRI or other methods like X-rays to confirm a pinched nerve.  

Do pinched nerves hurt all the time?

No, pinched nerves do not typically hurt all the time.